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River Blackwater looking north

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Welcome to Dervock

Where the old stones are still standing and memories long will remain

Hello from the village of Dervock astride the Blackwater River

Look at our website and find out more about Dervock, its history and people, the famous and not so famous.

The site has been developed by Dervock and District Community Association in conjunction with CANNI - the Community Archiving Network for Northern Ireland.

We look forward to your comments and would love to borrow any old photographs, videos, recordings, books or other artifacts connected with the village

Forthcoming events

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Dervock Discovered, the Heritage Lottery Funded research project is coming to a close. The final part was the making of a short film about Dervock.

The footage was taken in July and the film is now complete. It was put onto the internet as a trial and then a remarkable thing happened.

The director of the film, Jon Marshall, was contacted by An Lar TV, a cross border community internet channel. The Creative Director of An Lar, Susanne Carpenter, wanted to know if they could broadcast the Dervock film on the 18th of December.

After a few enquiries, the date was set. It will go out initially to their European network and the anticipated audience is 150,000. Towards the end of the year, the film will be broadcast to the Americas and the Far East over Christmas time, so instead of a local launch, the first public screenings of Dervock will be worldwide.

Mr David McKeown, who has long been associated with the promotion of the village, said, “I have been very impressed with the work that has been done in the last couple of years supported by the Heritage Lottery Fund ‘Your Heritage and Young Roots’. This was the Dervock Discovered project, and what a surprise it was to all of us how much there was to be discovered about such a tiny place. The Dervock book and brochure are very impressive and the new film is wonderful because it brings the stories even more to life. The scenery is breathtaking and many local people have begun to explore their own area with new eyes.”

Frankie Cunningham, Chairman of Dervock and District Community Association which sponsored the programme said, “We all thought our heritage programme was good, but this is incredible news - a window of opportunity has been provided to us to profile to a global audience, the diverse composition of Dervock - the ancestral home of William McKinley (25th President of America), Lord Nelson, Lord McCartney, Ambassador to China and links to the 1798 Rebellion. This in marketing terms has arrived at the right time and will help to promote our events surrounding the K.K. McArthur centenary” (more good news from LOCOG to follow).

An Lar TV have promised to archive the film after its broadcast to make it available on demand and will be showing it again next year to compliment the 2012 celebrations. So there’s the date for your calendar, the 18th of December at 7.00 p.m. Dervock as you’ve never seen it before at http://anlar.tv

If there is anything you would like included on this web page please let us know

 Welcome to the greatest wee village in ireland 
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